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Dec 17 , 2009 0

I found love with rus-women.com So I thank you and say good luck for men and womens here in their searsh of love. Sincerly your's

Pierre France,Loire Возраст: 42

Dec 16 , 2009 1

Now I extinguish my profile on this web page. I have found a woman, for it many thanks for you and your team. Unfortunately, I still have no sure feelings. I hope that everything will feel well. I hope, I have not decided on the wrong woman. I am in love again, and, besides, one is susceptible for wrong decisions. But I hope, I have found the woman for my life. I wish you all the best and many results with your members. I hope, I must not take up your services again. But if, nevertheless, then I come back with pleasure to you. Many lots of love

Holger Germany,Dortmund Возраст: 43

Dec 14 , 2009 2

She found me and I now we have the whole life to celebrate. I love you so much Kati!

Joao Portugal,Lisboa Age: 29

Dec 12 , 2009 3

Now I love a very woman because I'm sure that she love me.My princiss.My dream.Thank you very much.

Gianbattista Italy,Brescia Age: 45

Dec 11 , 2009 4

Nice website, enjoyed my time here, thanks for the winks ladies! For my contacts, THANKS!!! you were all very nice, best wishes and good luck, My hope is that every single one of you finds 'someone special' One last thing, thanks Radiola :)

andrew United Kingdom,Other Age: 43

Dec 9 , 2009 5

I have found my lady on this site and im going to spend rest of my life with She. This is best datingsite i found on net.

Ole Jacob Norway,Oppland Age: 33

Dec 8 , 2009 6

thanks for making this site

serkan Turkey,Adana Age: 29

Dec 6 , 2009 7

i've found my prince!

Maria Russia,Omsk Age: 27

Dec 4 , 2009 8

I have found the most perfect lady. We talk for nearly 5 hours every night on the phone and I am incredibly happy. We are meeting next week face to face and I would like to give that a chance. Thank you so much!! This has been a fantastic journey!!

Richard United Kingdom,London Age: 37

Dec 2 , 2009 9

I find my soul mate in your wab site

Dominique France,Pas-de-Calais Age: 51

Dec 1 , 2009 10

Thank you very much for your services, as you allowed me, to meet the woman of my wildest Love dream, because she is simply perfect for me. I Love her ! her name is Oxana

Jorge Portugal,Setubal Age: 50

Nov 30 , 2009 11

I have married a Russian woman!

Steven United Kingdom,Stoke-on-Trent Age: 50

Nov 29 , 2009 12

i have met someone and am happy for the present. please stop any more emails to me or contact . i do not require any more subscriptions . i know where you are if require it . lind regards dave simpson

david United Kingdom,Newcastle upon Tyne Age: 45

Nov 28 , 2009 13

I found my love in this site thanks

ahmed United Arab Emirates,Dubai Age: 41

Nov 26 , 2009 14

I find my soul mate in your wab site

Dominique France,Pas-de-Calais Age: 51

Nov 25 , 2009 15

Thank you very much for your services, as you allowed me, to meet the woman of my wildest Love dream, because she is simply perfect for me. I Love her ! her name is Oxana

Jorge Portugal,Setubal Age: 50

Nov 23 , 2009 16

I am in love with a Women. I love her.

Danie Argentina,Other Age: 52

Nov 19 , 2009 17

I found nice woman

Peter Denmark,Kobenhavn Age: 41

Nov 17 , 2009 18

I met Natasha on your site a little over 2 years ago. We have spent several weeks together, and i truly love her! I wish to thank you for this website, i tried many before this one, and found mostly scammers. There are truly some good and honest women on this site!! Thank You very much!!

Dan, 36, USA

Nov 15 , 2009 19

I found my future husband , thank you !!! Irina.

Irina Location: Kazakhstan,Simkent Age: 50

Nov 12 , 2009 20

I found a girl who makes me smile all day I'm in love thank you for the world's best dating site

Geir Location: Norway,Oppland Age: 41

Nov 10 , 2009 21

I have found my loving wife from your site and we are now happily married

ryan, Location: United States of America,Ketchikan, AK Age: 29

Nov 7 , 2009 22

I have found someone on this website that I plan to marry early next year. :-) Thank you very much. This is a great website for finding a mate.

Israel. Location: United States of America,,Age:39

Nov 5 , 2009 23

I had found my soulmate. Many thanks for your assistance.

Venera Location: Russia,Perm Age: 32

Nov 3 , 2009 24

Thank you, I found her! Diana (ID shastlivay, also deleted) exchanged letters and phone calls for three months, met last week and found in each other all that we wanted. Thank you for your help! Casper

Casper, United States of America,Bend, OR Age: 55

Nov 2 , 2009 25

I've found my love)))

Milana. Kazakhstan,Almati, Age 27.

Oct 30, 2009 26

yes i have found somone on your site thanks

robert, United Kingdom,Birmingham Age: 41

Oct 28, 2009 27

i find my soulmate thank you for everything i will recommend your good site nice one.

ahmed, Saudi Arabia,Jeddah Age: 31

Oct 26, 2009 28

would like my profile removed please. I have met a special person on your site (The Best) and am going to Russia in june to spend

abdo : Egypt,Other Age: 23

Oct 24, 2009 29

I've found a man of my dream and ready to spend my whole life with him.!

Yulia Belarus,Homjel' Age: 23

Oct 21, 2009 30

I found my man!I'm happy thank you!

Elena, Age: 31, Russia,Novosibirsk

Oct 20, 2009 31

I found the love of my life:)

ahmet, Age: 35, Turkey,Istanbul

Oct 18, 2009 32

I have found the lady of my dreams,,Thank you for your web-site.

robert, Age: 58, Monaco,Monte Carlo

Oct 18, 2009 33

I have found a woman and don't wish to talk to any others.

Eric, Age: 34, United States of America,Muskegon, MI

Oct 17, 2009 34

Thanks to your site and your services, I found my love. God bless you

Massimo, Age: 34, Sweden,Goteborg

Oct 16, 2009 35

I found my dream nice girl through your web site. Many many thanks to you. I realy appreciate your kind service,. Ohh I can not even believe how me and my girl friend met. Many many many thanks to you,...

Sheran, Age: 23, Finland,Helsinki

Oct 15, 2009 36

I found my love here on the website, she is Janeatsun, from Donestk, UA. We married at church in her city on 30.08.2009. Thanks again to have helped us to meet and marry.

Thierry, Age: 41, France,Lyon

Oct 14, 2009 37

I have found the most beautiful young woman in amazing Moscow. Great website, great country, thanks!!!

Frank, Age: 39, Netherlands,Amsterdam

Oct 12, 2009 38

I commend your site. It is the best. Security measures are tops. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anybody. The members are well-screened and very appealing. Congratulations. I am leaving because I have found somebody. Thank You.

Rick, Age: 47, Canada,Red Deer

Oct 8, 2009 39

because i am very much in love and wanna be sincere...

Jan, Age: 46, Belgium,Antwerpen

Oct 6, 2009 40

I have found the perfect lady.

Philip, Age: 53, Spain,Alcoi

Oct 5, 2009 41


David Jess, Age: 45, Australia,New South Wales

Oct 4, 2009 42

The lady I have been talking to for the last year or so and I have met, and we will probably get married, she is exactly the sort of lady I was hoping to find, she is Beautiful, and she thinks the same about me. Thank you very much. Do Svidania!!

steven, Age: 56, Australia,Melbourne

Oct 2, 2009 43

I think I have found someone :-) Thanks for your excellent service!!!

Robert, Age: 36, Germany,Munich

Sep 29, 2009 44

I want to delete my profile because I want to develop my relationship with "ALKA7": I have meet this lady and we have feel a reciprocal love and comon views on the future !! I apologize for al the women who have wrote to me and for whom I don't find the time to answer to their interest for me. Thank you for your service and mails. Have a nice day

Patrick, Age: 50, France,Nice

Sep 29, 2009 45

I have found someone very special

jamie, Age: 43, Kingdom,Northampton

Sep 26, 2009 46

i found a nice lady.

Johan, Age: 50, Netherlands,Rotterdam

Sep 25, 2009 47

I found girl in your site. Thank you

cheb, Age: 37, France,Paris

Sep 22, 2009 48

I found someone special and after visiting her and having her visit me we are very happy.

Edward, 25 yo, United States of America,Norcross, GA

Sep 20, 2009 49

thank you very much for finding the women of my dreams, i am meeting her in 2 weeks, we are so much in love, and i thank you for this. I will tell anybody to look at this site to find real love,

alan, 50 yo, United Kingdom,Nottingham

Sep 18, 2009 50

Wonderful site! The women look so real! No phony model appearances, no insincerety & great amature photos! Very easy to navigate & a great variety of women from all over Russia, E.E. & Central Asia. Thanks & keep up the great work!

Mike, 54yo, States of America,Cincinnati, OH

Sep 17, 2009 51

I have to say that Russian/European woman are far more attractive and friendlier than American woman are. WOW. if wasn't for this site then i don't what will i do.. Thank You so much

Paul, 33yo, United States of America,Hollywood, FL

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